Childminding Register

Monaghan County Childcare Committee wish to keep your contact details on file for the following reasons.
• Monaghan CCC calling you via phone
• Sending relevant emails
• Sending relevant post
Without your consent under GDPR/Data protection we cannot keep your contacts,
Most of us give information about ourselves to groups such as Government bodies, banks, insurance companies, medical professionals and telephone companies to use their services or meet certain conditions. Under Data protection law, you have rights regarding the use of these personal details and data controllers have certain responsibilities in how they handle this information.

What is the aim of these rights?
Data protection rights will help you to make sure that the information stored about is:
• Factually correct
• Only available to those who should have it
• Only used for stated purposes

As a result of the above; Monaghan County Childcare Committee would like to keep your contact details for above named reasons and ask that you to email  the following details to

Name of Childminding Service:
Name of Childminder:
Phone Number:
Your Email:
As a childminder do you work in your own home? 
Do you give consent for this information to be for our use?